Scuba Diving

Categories: /03 May 2012

Why Cayman, you might ask?…:
• Cayman has some of the most amazing reefs in the Caribbean.
• Visibility often exceeds 100 feet.
• Water temperature is very warm, usually 79 to 83 degrees.
• There are over 250 dive sites, including Wall dives, Shore Dives, Reef Dives, and Wreck Dives.
• Witness the rich coloured corals and abundant marine life due to Grand Cayman being a huge underwater mountain.
• Here are a few of the common sightings on wall dives: tarpon, turtles, barracuda, Parrot fish, Trigger fish, eels, lobster, spotted Eagle Rays, etc.
• Cayman’s geographical positioning means that it is nearly always possible to scuba in calm water conditions regardless of wind conditions.
• The dive operators are very professional and offer scuba courses and certifications for beginners to expert scuba divers.
• You will always be in small groups and children can be catered for.
• Photography is also available, including lessons.